5 Things Business Owners Need to Forget About

Business owners have a lot on their minds. They must realize that it's time to unlearn a few things to grow and succeed. 

Let's explore the things business owners need to forget about and how company culture shapes employee motivation. 

What Business Owners Need to Forget About 

Dear business owners, it's time to forget about the following. 

1. How Company Culture Doesn't Make a Difference

Companies with strong safety cultures usually have lower turnover since employees prefer working in low-risk environments. Culture influences success by creating a conducive work environment and keeping employees focused on achieving short, medium, and long-term plans. Organizational culture also commands the policies that allow a business to pursue its mission. 

Successful businesses comprehend how company culture shapes employee motivation. For instance, a high-performance organizational culture optimizes motivators such as potential, play, and purpose while reducing emotional pressure. Company culture also builds the foundation for the company, operations, hiring, and processes. 

2. Investing in Growth Isn’t Worth It

Business owners should invest in growth opportunities, employee wellness, and training. Investing in business growth and productivity increases stability and profits and creates brand awareness. Increased stability minimizes external risks for your business, while greater profits enable your business to venture into novel markets. 

3. Hiring Just to Fill Positions Quickly

Poor hiring decisions can hurt a business. Taking the time to hire the right people makes a significant difference. Hiring employees who fit into the organizational culture; 

  • Fosters team building opportunities and employee morale 
  • Protects the organization's public image 
  • Maximizes productivity 

One of the struggles of business owners is formulating a feasible hiring strategy. An effective hiring strategy should develop a transparent employer, create positions that mirror your company, and invest in a candidate tracking system. Such a strategy improves employee morale, retention, and productivity. 

Success doesn't have to take a long time if the right moves are made. Working with a PEO improves success. Research shows that organizations that work with PEOs have an 8% employee turnover rate, while those without PEOs have a 14% employee turnover rate. 

4. Doing It All Alone

Delegating is one of the ways to improve business operations. Business owners should concentrate on growing the business, and delegating enables them to focus. The benefits of delegating include the following; 

Creating learning opportunities and improving retention 

One of the top priorities of a business owner is to boost employee retention. Delegating tasks to subordinates helps retain employees by enabling them to learn new skills and attain professional development. Employees also feel that they are a crucial part of the organization. 

Delegating also empowers subordinates to take actions that affect business operations. Such decisions allow employees to learn from their mistakes and enhance their experience. 

Assessing your employee's promotion potential 

One of the struggles of business owners is deciding which employees to promote. Delegation allows you to test your employees' leadership, management, or technical skills. Doing so also makes it easier to replace employees who leave your company on short notice. 

Improving your relationship with employees 

Building productive professional relationships with employees is one of the ways to improve business operations. Delegating high-level tasks to your employees lets them know that you trust their judgment and capabilities. Validating them encourages soliciting feedback and working towards fixing shortcomings. 

Faster and reliable business growth 

Delegating is one way of investing in business growth and productivity. A Gallup survey showed that organizations with CEOs delegated tasks to subordinates achieved a 112% growth rate. 

Creating room for novel ideas 

Gaining a competitive edge is one of the top priorities of a business owner. Delegating frees up time for managers to engage in higher-level thinking. Managers can concentrate on formulating broader strategies rather than focusing on low-value activities and administrative duties. 

5. Seeking Help Isn’t an Option

Finding a PEO to take care of Human Resources, payroll, training, benefits, and onboarding is one of the ways to improve business operations. At PRO Resources, we understand the struggles of business owners and help you minimize your business's HR administration and other essential tasks. We also help your business comply with relevant regulations by adhering to employment laws in our hiring practices.   

Working with a PEO enables your business to achieve higher employee retention rates. PEOs offer various benefits plans, including vision, medical and dental coverage, encouraging employees to stay. 

Help Your Business Achieve Real Growth 

Business owners adopt robust company cultures to attain real growth. Working with PEO improves your business's success by improving culture, assisting with hiring and onboarding, and taking over time-consuming payroll and benefits administration. It’s time to forget about all of the above and adopt a new mindset that will ensure significant growth. 


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